Designing Better Annual Gatherings

CASE STUDY: WE Charity + ME to WE

Prioritizing Organizational Culture

CASE STUDY: Blonde + Co

Designing Meaningful Employee Engagement Programs

CASE STUDY: UM, BPN + Initiative Media


Building Emotional Intelligence

CASE STUDY: Classworks Multi-Day Leadership Series

Partnering with Leading Consultancies

CASE STUDY: The Design Gym, General Assembly

Learning to be a Good Boss

CASE STUDY: Summer Camp Supervisors


Managing Conflict

CASE STUDY: Repair The World

Creating a Culture of Collaboration

CASE STUDY: Melvin J. Berman Hebrew Academy

Building a Vision and Strategic Plan

CASE STUDY: Tenants + Neighbors


Developing New Leadership Skills

CASE STUDY: Senior Program Officer Coaching, Leading National Social Justice Organization

Helping Cultivate Effective Leaders

CASE STUDY: School Enrichment Staff Coaching, Top Ranked Private School

Creating a Safe Place to Grow

CASE STUDY: Director Level Coaching, Leading Social Enterprise


The Group Forward is proud to have worked with the following organizations: