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WE Charity, ME to WE

When you’re a multinational organization with offices around the world, collaboration can be tough. It’s not uncommon for you to want to get everyone in the same room for the important conversations.

WE Charity and ME to WE holds an annual Global Summit Meeting that brings together over 50 employees from around the world for 6 days of strategic meetings. Getting everything that needs to be discussed for the year covered in 6 days is no easy task. The Group Forward has been working with WE Charity and ME to WE since 2014 to design and facilitate this annual gathering.

When designing the sessions, we take a participatory approach—always ensuring the right people are involved in the right conversations. When in the room, our facilitation delivery is focused on using processes to support collaboration, peer coaching and best practice exchanges, in a limited amount of time.  

Every year, employees leave feeling they participated in an efficient and fun professional experience; aligned on organizational priorities; and clear on the next steps for success.

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"Each year we host a summit of leadership from all of our international development and volunteer travel destinations around the world. Having a group of highly skilled, extremely busy people in the same room is only a small portion of the battle. It takes an incredible amount of preparation, planning and organization to think through the objectives, and ensure each one is met while simultaneously keeping the group energized and engaged. The Group Forward finds the perfect balance of ensuring the team is focused on the right topics, creating alignment to ensure the value of the retreat extends throughout the year, and ensuring they are having fun along the way. Throughout my professional career, I’ve yet to meet a facilitator as talented as Hannah from The Group Forward." - Russ McLeod, Chief Operations Director, ME to WE