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Summer Camp Supervisors - Summer camps across the U.S. & Canada 

It’s hard to find yourself in a new position with responsibilities you've never had before, like managing a team or motivating your staff. Sure, you’ve been part of teams. And yeah, you’ve been a star performer in previous positions. But, playing the role of leader… Well, that’s something new all together.

The Group Forward developed a training program we call The Manager Toolkit to help first-time or relatively new leaders in the role of being a "boss.” The training includes topics such as: motivating your staff, managing your time as a busy leader, managing up, the art of delegating, stress management and defining your leadership style, among others.

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Working with over 15 summer camps and youth development organizations across the U.S. and Canada, we’ve trained over 500 supervisors and senior leaders. Each participant left the training with valuable skills that could immediately be put into practice to benefit their camp program and that could be leveraged, in the future, throughout their careers.

“My staff literally quotes the concepts they learn in this training all summer long. It gives them a common language that enables them to be on the same page, right from the beginning of the summer season. We’ve been running a training program with The Group Forward for three years now, and I truly believe there isn’t a better way to invest in our staff’s success.” – Anna B. Herman, Camp Director, Henry S. Jacobs Camp Utica, MS