Becoming the best you isn’t going to happen in isolation—and neither is becoming a smarter leader or a more effective manager. The role of The Group Forward, as your coach, is to help you get there.

We’ll work with you to identify and harness your strengths as well as equip you with the resources needed to become more effective in your role.

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How We've Helped

Helping Cultivate Effective Leaders

The Harker School

Not unlike becoming a successful musician or a world-class Olympian, having someone by your side—pointing out what you’re doing really well and where you can improve—is one of the best ways to help you master a skill. Read More

Developing New Leadership Skills

Senior Program Officer Coaching, Leading National Social Justice Organization

There are many different skills an effective organizational leader needs to possess. And developing them all takes time, experience and practice. Being an effective trainer and facilitator is one of those valuable skill sets. Read More

Creating a Safe Space to Grow

Director Level Coaching, Leading Social Enterprise

It’s not uncommon to find subject matter experts and strategic thinkers as new leaders within an organization. However, with a new title come new responsibilities. Including some—like managing a team—you’ve never had before. Read More

Let The Group Forward help you develop new leadership skills