Being a better manager, a skilled facilitator and a more effective communicator are all skills we aspire to develop. And like with any other skill, mastering it requires learning and a lot of practice. That’s where we come in.

The Group Forward will work with you to identify the skills and capacities missing from your team. We’ll then design an experiential, engaging training session where you’ll not only learn the skill, but also have the opportunity to practice it.

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How We've Helped

Learning to Be a Boss

Summer Camps Across The U.S. & Canada

It’s hard to find yourself in a new position with responsibilities you've never had before, like managing a team or motivating your staff. Sure, you’ve been part of teams. And yeah, you’ve been killing it in previous positions. But, playing the role of leader... Well, that’s something new all together. Read More

Managing Conflict

Repair the World

Conflict is inevitable—both in our personal lives and in the workplace. But, it doesn’t have to be feared, hated or ignored. If you have the right skills to address it when it arises, it could actually be an opportunity for creating a healthier and more productive work environment. Read More

Building Emotional Intelligence

Classworks, New York Media Centre

Emotional Intelligence—the capacity to have empathy, mindfulness and compassion—has been identified as the number one skill leaders need to develop. Once you’re aware of feelings, reactions and emotions, you can work more effectively, build longer lasting relationships and become a better leader. Read More

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