The Design Gym, General Assembly

Here at The Group Forward, we truly believe that when thoughtful and committed individuals effectively work together towards a common goal, their team has the potential to do amazing things. And it’s no different for organizations—if anything, the stakes are higher and the outcomes that much more impactful.

We frequently partner with other leading consultancies to offer organizations a multi-faceted approach to the challenges they're facing. Through collaborations with The Design Gym and General Assembly, we’ve had the opportunity to support client learning, building positive team dynamics, and facilitating alignment for organizations such as 100 Resilient Cities, Elizabeth Erwin Little Red School House, GE, Marriott, Weather Underground and Northwestern Mutual.

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"Many of the projects I'm most proud of have been in collaboration with The Group Forward. It's their insight, willingness to listen and ability to push in just the right ways that have often made the difference between good and unforgettable outcomes. The Group Forward is one of our most trusted partners and I cannot recommend this team highly enough." - Jason Wisdom, Co-Founder, The Design Gym

“We build customized learning and change management programs that leave teams empowered and excited to take action for organizational transformation. We can’t deliver these programs without skilled facilitators, like those from The Group Forward, in the room. The Group Forward provides the expertise and energy that our clients need for success." - Stephen Kirsch, Manager, Enterprise Engagement + Operations, General Assembly