Blonde & Co

Organizational culture change doesn’t just happen overnight—and certainly won’t happen with a one-off training. To create systemic change, you have to invest in building the mechanisms, changing behaviors and developing a shared understanding of what that culture looks like.

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The Group Forward worked with senior leadership of Blond & Co to understand the challenges and pain points they were facing in their organization and then, from there, design a program that addressed them. The program focused on learning skills, building consensus and alignment, and individual coaching on supporting productive, workplace team dynamics

“Our agency has a unique culture which makes it a wonderful place of work, but without guardrails it has its challenges. Through working with The Group Forward, our staff has transformed interdepartmental communications and is continuing to improve their processes every day. Importantly, The Group Forward’s process has brought alignment where there had been some discord. It’s like we have just been given a GPS navigator after using a street directory with missing pages all these years!” – Julie Stahl, CEO of Blonde & Co.