Classworks, New York Media Centre 

Emotional Intelligence—the capacity to have empathy, mindfulness and compassion—has been identified as the number one skill leaders need to develop. Once you’re aware of feelings, reactions and emotions, you can work more effectively, build longer lasting relationships and become a better leader.

In partnership with The Made in NY Media Center by IFP, The Group Forward designed and offered an open enrollment workshop series that taught participants emotional, social, and cognitive intelligence competencies; how to manage emotions and thinking under pressure; how to stay open and flexible in the face of change; and how to actually do it through practice.

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Participants walked away with concrete techniques and strategies that they were able to immediately put into practice, both in the workplace and in their personal lives.

“This session helped me engage with the topics of empathy, self-awareness and communication skills in a way that helped me put my learning to work immediately. I love The Group Forward’s creative teaching approach using iconic symbols, color, and face-to-face activities that allows us, students, to interact amongst ourselves as we learn. Not only was the class fun and engaging, but it also helped us to practice and spot key learnings as they were being modeled in the classroom. The instructor was super nice, approachable, professional and easy to work with!” – Cueva Andrea, Student in the class (Creative Design Professional)