Repair the World

Conflict is inevitable—both in our personal lives and in the workplace. But, it doesn’t have to be feared, hated or ignored. If you have the right skills to address it when it arises, it could actually be an opportunity for creating a healthier and more productive work environment.

The Group Forward built a customized training for the senior leaders of Repair the World on how to manage conflict. The training focused on framing conflict as an opportunity, identifying the different types of conflict, best approaches for handling conflict and navigating conflict between various stakeholders.

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Our training not only helped the leaders in the room develop the skills they needed to more effectively address conflict, but also prepared them for providing the same training to their staff so more people within the organization could be trained.

"This training helped our team build a common understanding and set of strategies for navigating tensions and conflict within our work and team dynamic. The Group Forward created a training that both met the specific needs of our organization and beautifully incorporated the language of our culture and how we operate. The trainers from The Group Forward delivered a session that both built our capacity and skill, and also then allowed us to use the strategies and theories to train other staff members. We can not speak highly enough of The Group Forward." - Sam Kuttner, Fellowship Director