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The Harker School

Trainings are absolutely necessary to learning, but in order for you to master a new skill you need to practice it. Not unlike becoming a successful musician or a world-class Olympian, having someone by your side—pointing out what you’re doing really well and where you can improve—is one of the best ways to help you master that skill.

The Group Forward teamed up with The Harker School to teach leadership skills, and then, throughout the year, provide coaching to participants on the skills they learned. Each person was able to choose the topics that mattered most to them and receive personalized coaching around those topics.

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Year End Reflection Spring & Fall.jpg

“The Group Forward’s sessions and coaching helped our managers build skills in effective communication, engaging and motivating staff, organizing and planning programs, and dealing with difficult employee conversations and staffing challenges. It is exciting to see the support provided by The Group Forward still serving our managers today. The teams and program have been very successful and they are touted as one of the strengths of the operation.” - Greg Lawson, Assistant Head, Student Affairs, The Harker School

“My experience with The Group Forward has been such a positive one. Managing so many different personalities sometimes can be hard to juggle. Not everyone thinks and acts the same way. I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge thanks to coaching from The Group Forward. I was able to use the techniques they taught me to tackle some of the most difficult situations a supervisor comes up against—from employee defiance to speaking to upper management. The Group Forward made me feel heard, supported, motivated and equipped to handle any situation I was going through.” - Lorena Martinez, Middle School BEST Program Director, The Harker School