Director Level Coaching, Leading Social Enterprise

It’s not uncommon to find subject matter experts and strategic thinkers as new leaders within an organization. However, with a new title come new responsibilities. Including some—like managing a team—you’ve never had before.

The Group Forward regularly coaches leaders who find themselves managing a new or larger team. And, such was the case with the coaching we provided at WE.

We worked with a newly appointed Country Director at the organization to help her with topics such as team building, how to give feedback that gets the results you want, and having difficult conversations that are productive and support the needs of the organization.


She was able to ask questions, share concerns and dive deeper into topics without being judged. We created a safe space that allowed her to openly and honestly assess what needed to be done for her role, her new team, and her organization.

“The value The Group Forward provided was beyond both my expectations and hopes combined. As a coach, Hannah Dubin (Principal + Founder of The Group Forward) was able to help me reach deeper and more holistically into what I set out to achieve. Hannah’s skillful strategy brought a new level of both professionalism and fun, and I could not imagine the same success without her leadership.” – Country Director at WE