Senior Program Officer Coaching, Leading National Social Justice Organization

There are many different skills an effective organizational leader needs to possess. And developing them all takes time, experience and practice. Being an effective trainer and facilitator is one of those valuable skill sets.

Working with a Senior Program Director at Repair The World, The Group Forward provided personalized, one-on-one coaching on workshop training and facilitation skills. Through setting up mock workshop sessions, we were able to provide analysis and recommendations of actionable and practicable adjustments that led to an immediate improvement.

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“I’m a senior person in my organization, and people look to me for answers. I spend a lot of time coaching others. I was looking for a coach who could help me strengthen my skills and improve ability to support others. Hannah from The Group Forward did just this! She helped me up my game and taught me skills I use regularly and teach to others. I also modeled ongoing learning. We can all grow and learn.” - Senior Program Director, Repair The World