Universal McCann, Initiative Media, BPN Media

Defining a commitment is the easy part. Designing and rolling out a program to deliver on that commitment requires a bit of work.

Working with the staff at the New York office of Universal McCann and agency partners Initiative Media and BPN Media, The Group Forward helped leadership design and implement a philanthropic employee engagement program. The goal of the program was to more deeply engage employees through volunteer projects that they found meaningful and important.

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We worked with key leaders tasked with staff engagement to define areas of focus. As part of that process, The Group Forward ran workshops with those individuals to provide them with a better understanding of current social issues as well as how they as leaders within the organization could engage staff around these issues. As a result of the work, Universal McCann, Initiative Media and BPN Media built out a yearlong calendar of activities to support the philanthropic priorities of the employees. Those activities included organizational team building, awareness programs and fundraising events.

“Working with The Group Forward was incredible. They designed a program that was fun and informative, engaging our employees in a way they had never before experienced. And our facilitator was absolutely amazing. Her spirited personality was exactly what was needed to excite us and encourage curiosity.” – Shannon McLaughlin Kirkman, UM Employee 2011-2014