Jared robinson

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GROUP COllaborator: Consultant + Facilitator

Jared Robinson has ability to push groups towards consensus and team alignment in a way that seems effortless. In reality, its his years of experience as a skilled facilitator, trainer and speaker across the USA and the world that helps explain his multi-faceted talents. Jared has a rare ability to be relatable and relevant to almost any audience, no matter their age or background. Whether its running effective communication skills workshops with executive level corporate groups, building leadership capacity with non profit organizations and camps, or teaching conflict resolution skills to youth, Jared’s dynamic presence in a room always moves groups forward. Jared has worked with corporate and non profit organizations including Google, the Jack Ma Family Foundation and The Broad Fellowship, CityHunt, Academic Expeditions Inc, Project Morry, Rampo for Children and dozens of schools communities across the USA.  

Jared holds a B.A. degree in Speech Communication from the University of Tennessee and is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory in Chicago. Jared’s creativity and passion for a full life shows itself in his on-going commitment to theatre arts and his entrepreneurial spirit. Jared runs a team building company called Harlem Quest that designs educational and customized scavenger hunts and is the Co-Founder of Mascot Run, an initiative encourage young people to fall in love with physical activity. Jared lives in Harlem, NY with his partner and son.