Hannah Dubin
Principal + Founder

The Group Forward was founded by Hannah Dubin. Hannah is described as the “swiss army knife of facilitation”—no matter what the situation, she’s got the perfect activity ready to help move a group forward. Read More

Becca Youngerman
Consultant + Facilitator

Becca Youngerman has spent her career focused on community building, leadership development and issue advocacy work in New York City, Washington, DC, Chicago, Cleveland and San Francisco. Read More

Ashley Pinakiewicz.jpg

Ashley Pinakiewicz Consultant + Facilitator

Ashley is a design thinker, facilitator, brand strategist, and educator. Ashley supports mission-driven organizations to bring human-centered strategy, messaging, and processes to their work. Read More

Alex Meers
Consultant + Facilitator

Alex has a unique ability to offer the right leadership development tools that teams to meet their goals quickly. He has over a decade of organizational strategy, leadership development, social justice education and youth engagement programming experience. Read More


Jared Robinson
Consultant + Facilitator

Jared Robinson has ability to push groups towards consensus and team alignment in a way that seems effortless. In reality, its his years of experience as a skilled facilitator, trainer and speaker across the USA and the world that helps explain his multi-faceted talents. Read More

Sam Kuttner Headshot.jpg

Sam Kuttner

Consultant + Trainer

Sam’s passion for creating passionate, thoughtful and equity-focused leaders brought him to the work of The Group Forward. Sam has spent his career focused on Emerging Adult Development and Management. Read More

Erin Blanding
Consultant + Facilitator

Erin is known as a mission driven and passionate leader, advocate and ally. With over 15 years of proven experience as an international facilitator, speaker and community organizer, her work has always aligned with leading social change organizations. Read More

Andrea Burk
Consultant + Facilitator

Andrea is a proven leader in both the boardroom and the rugby field. Her speciality is in building team cultures that thrive in highly competitive environments and working with individuals to build personal resilience. Read More


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