How to Lead a Kickass Training Workshop
7:00 PM19:00

How to Lead a Kickass Training Workshop

Want to run the kind of workshops where people are engaged and actually want to be there? There can be something special and exhilarating about leading a training workshop for people who want to learn from you and your unique experiences. However, designing and facilitating engaging learning experiences is both an art and a science - and it requires inspiration, practice and feedback to be awesome at it.

Attend this workshop if you want to learn and practice tools for designing and facilitating kickass workshops based on the real-life experiences of professional facilitators who have been running them for years. Expect to learn helpful design methods you can employ when creating captivating learning experiences (think: ‘how to create interactive exercises’ and ‘using stories that stick’). We’ll also spend some time focused on facilitation skills needed to deliver quality workshops (think: ‘giving clear instructions’ and ‘leading debriefs’).

Who should attend: This workshop is designed for people who already lead training workshops and are looking for fresh ideas to add to their sessions. That said, if you’re not yet running workshops but want to in the future, this workshop will expose you to the tools, tips and tricks to get you started.

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